About the N.T. Adventure Race

Adventure race “Nykstietiskas Triatlonas” (N.T. Adventure Race) started in 2011. It’s planned to become a traditional event, which annually announces about the beginning of tourist’s Summer season. We hope that it will become a showcase of cultural, natural, anthropological tourism resources and recreational facilities of Anyksciai region. So this year, on the 22rd-24th of May, all nature and adventure lovers are once again welcome in Anyksciai!

N.T. Adventure Race is a tourist-sport event (with all the features of the competition), including running, canoeing, cycling (MTB), orienteering and special multiple and specific vivacious tasks.

II. N.T. Adventure Race is the opening festival of Anyksciai Summer tourist season with concerts, shows – the program presented to you by the united local community! Has anyone had the pleasure to see it? Police shouting “faster!” Farmer singing karaoke and the elder … oh, I’ve never seen him like this before!

Adventure race route is designed so that participants would have an opportunity to visit picturesque places of local nature and attractions, try a variety of entertainment, playful tasks, experience memorable adventure and get real emotions that attract you to come back again! Physical strength is not a decisive factor for victory here. And victory is not always a main goal for participating in these races. But for those seeking to climb on the podium important characteristics are quick thinking, wisdom, knowledge of the map, the ability to use various means of tourism equipment. Participants are choosing the route how to get to one point or the other by themselves, but they never know what is waiting for them in that point. This could be a library, a cultural center, a museum, a beautiful natural display, the rural homestead, a farm or artist’s studio. When the route point is found, the team often receives a special, creative and unexpected tasks (find the book smugglers hideout, tell raspberries’ seedlings from blackberries’ and so on.) The participants overcome distances between points on a map by walking, cycling or canoeing.

Participants can choose the amount of adventure they are ready to absorb: 3, 5 and 8 hours adventure routes are suggested. The longer trace, the more complex tasks for the participants. Beginners (participants of the shortest distance) can choose if they want to experience the adventure with a bike or participate in entertaining regatta.

The other part of a program is designed for less active visitors. They will be able to get positive emotions by participating in other attractions and competitions, watching performances or singing karaoke at the Event center.

Event’s initiator and an author of the idea – citizen of Anyksciai Marijus Rindzevicius (entertainment and active leisure organization – UAB “Pramogų slėnis”).

The project partners

– Lithuanian Travellers Union – the main organizer of the Lithuanian EKO marathons
– Rural tourism homestead ‘Sventosios upes slenis’ (‘Holy River Valley’).
– www.turistas.lt – similar events calendar and tourist information website.
– Municipality of Anykšiai.

Our aim is for Anyksciai to become a Lithuanian entertainment-sports-eco tourism cradle! We already have everything to achieve this goal! Don’t you believe? You are welcome to become a witness of that!