“N.T. Adventure Race 2018” regulations


VšĮ “Grynam Ore”


– To promote ecological sports tourism in nature;
– To create a new tourism product, bringing together many different components of tourism system, and to promote a development of tourism in all the region; Invite everyone to visit the most beautiful places in Anyksciai district and to learn about the local tourism opportunities;
– To introduce to Anyksciai district municipality and providers of tourism services new and widely applicable abroad methods of organising (popularising) tourism in the district;
– To promote Multisport as one of local tourism means;
– To seek that Adventure races together with additional entertaining programme would become traditional annual event.


2018-05-18/20, Anyksciai
Start and Campsite – Troskunai, Anykščiai region


06.00 p.m. Arrival of Adventure race’s participants and registration.
07.00 – 09.00 p.m – numbers release to the participants


08.00 – 12.30 a.m – numbers release to the participants

10.00 a.m.Start of the “Armijai ir civiliams” and Elite routes.

01.00 p.m. Start of route of bicycles.

06.30 p.m. Awards ceremony of N.T. Adventure race 2018.

10.00 a.m – 04.00 p.m. Sightseeing tours and entertainments for participants of Adventure race given for free or with a substantial discount by Anyksciai tourism services providers (look for special offers in a start packet).


Adventure race is open for citizens of Lithuania as well as foreigners. The event is based on competition among teams.  Each team consists of two people. Age restrictions are listed by each route description. Participants must be under eighteen at the date of N.T. Adventure race 2018 ‘.Participants who are younger than 18 years must have a written parental permission to participate in N.T. adventure race 2018.

Legal liability contract

“N.T. Adventure race 2018”. Before start team must fill in and sign a legal liability contract (team which omits to do so can not participate in Adventure race). We strongly reccommend to read the legal liability contract well before the race. The legal liability contract can be downlowded from. HERE.

Adventure race’s routes:

1.“Elite”route: jogging, cycling, kayaking, orienteering, rope and special tasks. Foreseen winners’ time is 7 hours. The route is recommended for active sportmen or sporwomen, seeking for new and unusual challenges and breathtaking emotions. Participants of the route must me under 18. The finish line closes at 06.00 p.m.
2. “Armijai ir civiliams” route: jogging, cycling, kayaking, orienteering, . Duration is about 4-5 hours. The route is recommended for physically fit and active people, backpackers. It is also ideal for those who are not interested in competitions, but want to take advantage of already prepared playful and full of surprises tourist route.  Finish of this route closes at 18.00. It is allowed to participate from the age of 16.One of the team members must be under eighteen.
3. Bicycle route (MTB rogaining): cycling, orienteering. Time limit is exactly 3 hours, during which participants will try to collect the maximum amount of control points shown on the map and to perform special tasks in their chosen sequence. One of the team members must be at least 16 years old.This route is particularly recommended for beginners, i.e. those who are timid, but very curious about “N.T. Adventure race”,cycling lovers.The participation is allowed starting from the age of 14 however one of the team members must be under eighteen.

Adventure race’s groups:

For participants of the ‘Elite’ group men’s and mixed groups are foreseen. The organizers leave themselves a right to add mixed teams to a men group if there are less than 5 of them.

The most popular route – “Armijai and civiliams” is devided to “masses” and “uniformed“. To the latter all institutional workers, who wear a uniform at a workplace, i.e.firefighters, paramedics,soldiers,shooters, customs officers, policemen, environment protection officers and others.The organizers leave themselves a right to add “uniformed” to “masses” group if there are less than 5 of them.

In bicycle route (MTB rogaining) participants to additional groups are not divided.


In “N.T. Adventure race 2018” for punching at the checkpoints and time registration an electronic“SportIdent” punching and timing system is used. For punching at the photo checkpoints camera or shooting mobile phone is needed. During the competition both team members must have electronic “SportIdent” punching cards and punch at the checkpoints not later than both of the participants in one minute. Before entering a start line corridor participants must have attached ‘sportidents’ on the wrist by pulling a strap ,which will be handed by organisers. ‘Sportidents’ will be taken off by referees. Removal of ‘sportidents’ on your own causes a disqualification.
You can use your own “SportIdent” punching cards in the race. Those who do not have this card will be able to rent them before the race (2 eur). The fine for lost or damaged “SportIdent” punching card is 51 eur.


All participants and their cheerleaders are provided with a place at the campsite. There will be bio tualets, a couple of shelters and fireplaces. A good swimming place – a woderful lake wates you there too.

“Elite” route: 

For teams organisers provide: a double kayak, 2 paddles, 2 life jackets, maps.

Additional mandatory inventory for a team (participants have to arrange this inventory themselves): two bicycles with reflectors, two cyclists helmets, camera or shooting mobile phone.

“Armijai ir civiliams” route: 

For teams organisers provide: a double kayak, 2 paddles, 2 life jackets, maps.
Additional mandatory inventory for a team (participants have to arrange this inventory themselves): two bicycles with reflectors, two cyclists helmets, camera or shooting mobile phone.
Bicycle route (MTB rogaining):
For teams organisers provide: maps.
Additional mandatory inventory for a team (participants have to arrange this inventory themselves): two bicycles, two cyclists helments, camera or shooting mobile phones.
Those who do not have the needed inventory, our partners will help you:
– Bike rental – Sport club ‘Vetrunge’ tel. +37069801303.
– Speedometer and other bike parts – www.imenza.eu
– Waterproof camera/phone bags/map bags and cases – shop line ‘Armijai ir civiliams’ or ask at the registration desk 19th May.
– Energetic drinks – www.skigo.lt, (Maxim products will be available at the centre of an event).
Important notice! Inventory needs must be submited not later than 12th May, in other case, there is no guarantee to a successful inventory rental.

For lost or damaged inventory fines will be applied:
– Kayak – 650eur;
– Paddle – 37eur;
– Other inventory – depends on market price


Registration of „N.T. Adventure race 2018“ participants is done electronically on the website.

articipants registered till the 30th will have a great opportunity to purchase authentic N.T. Adventure race 2018 long sleeved shirt with 57% diccount (the shirt is made of merino fabric, which is a great choise for this race of its garment’s absorbation, thermo function and antibacterical features. The price – 30 eur.).

By registering to an event the team claim that they have read the regulatations of N.T.Adventure race 2018.

Registration must indicate a team name. Please be aware that You pay for a a team. Both team members must indicate the same team name during the registration, telephone numbers of participants in remarks section.

If the registration is successful and the entrance fee is confirmed the team can check at the same electronic registration system (after you have done the registration  click on “payments” and the system will generate the payment; the team paid the fee will be marked with a green tick, which means approved registration). The registered team can make changes within the same electronic registaration system till the deadline of the registration. For any changes behind the deadline of registration, you have to contact the organizers (5 eur fee will be applied for any changes).

If a team announces that it will not participate in the event till 30th of April – 50% of entrance fee is refunded, after 30th of April entrance fee is not refundable.

Registration fees per team (Eur)

Registration terms “Elite” route “Armijai ir civiliams” route MTB Rogaining
till 2018.02.28 45 36 16
2018.03.01-2018.04.30 50 40 20
2018.05.01-2018.05.31 58 48 25
After 2018.05.01* 68 58 30

*Registration after 05.10 is not guarantied. You have to contact the organizers and ask for an option of participation.

We invite all to join us in Facebook page “Nuotykių lenktynės Nykštietiškas triatlonas” and follow the news of the event.


“Elite” and “Armijai ir civiliams” route teams have to visit and mark at checkpoints, in regulations, on a map and scheme reffered sequence order and manner. Team ,which was the fastest in finishing the route, correctly punched at all the checkpoints and completed all tasks, wins. Teams which could not find one of the checkpoints, mixed the compulsory order of collecting checkpoints (one passage between the checkpoints) or unexecuted a task take place after the other teams which found all checkpoints, completed all tasks and fitted in control time. Teams which could not find two checkpoints, mixed the compulsory order of collecting checkpoints (two passages between the checkpoints) or unexecuted two tasks take place after the other teams which could not find one of the checkpoints, mixed the compulsory order of collecting checkpoints (one passage between the checkpoints) or unexecuted a task but fitted in control time and etc.
In Bicycle route a team which collects the biggest amount of points wins. For teams which will not finish in 3 hours time points will be deducted: 1 minute – 10 points, 2 minutes – 20 points, etc. On a map next to each checkpoint the amount of points for reaching it will be indicated. If several teams collect the same amount of points/tasks, wins a team which spent less time in a distance.
Calculation of points for each checkpoint (KP): checkpoint’s first number multiplied by ten. For example: There will be 35KP measured in 30 points, 31KP – 30 points, 55KP – 50 points, 78KP – 70 points and etc.
MTB (rogaining) route finish line is closed at 17.00. Every minute late takes off 10 points per team. Due to 15 minutes late the team is disqualified. At afinish line both participants must punch. The punch of second participat is equated to the finish time of the team.


Winners of „N.T. Adventure race 2018“ will be awarded with organizers’ Cups and prizes of event’s sponsors. The value of prizes is 1000 eur. Award ceremony will be held at race center at 7.00 p.m. N.T. adventure race winners are awarded only individually. Winners ,falling to take a part in awards ceremony themselves, lose the right to get a prize.

– To act in bad faith.
– To use any outer support or means of transport apart from listed in regulations, scheme, legend/task card or given during the briefing.
– To break rules of traffic safety, water/ ship safety and other safety rules.
– To litter.
– To be more than 50 m. away from your team member.
– To delay both team members to punch at checkpoint within 1 minute
– To cross private areas, damage private or public property.
– To be further than 100 metres  away from kayaks during the kayak route (except kayak regatta).

– Ignore other rules and procedures given by N.T. organizers to the participants before the event or during it.
– To take off ‘sportident’ during the adventure race.
– Not to keep to other rules asked and informed by N.T. organizers before or during the N.T. adventure race.

Failure to comply with these requirements results in team’s disqualification!


The organisers reserve the right to revise the regulations.
Follow event’s news on internet:
–     the official event website www.adventurerace.lt
–     Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/nuotykiu.lenktynes.
Registration to N.T. adventure race automatically approve one’s awareness and agreement of N.T. adventure race regulatons.
Participants also agree that they can be photographed or filmed during the event and their photos can be published in masmedia, social networking sites or used for comercial purposes of organizers or sponsors.

If you have any questions you can send us an e-mail: lenktynes@pramoguslenis.lt,
or just communicate in our Facebook profile.